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The Gen IV Magnum™ system delivers OEM-quality climate control providing true bi-level infinitely adjustable comfort in your classic car. The system can handle even the largest sedan or wagon and its unique shape allows fitment in vehicles with higher transmission tunnels and stepped firewalls such as cars of the 1950s and later.

The Gen IV is Vintage Air's most powerful and intelligent climate control system. The Gen IV uses an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control system that eliminates cables or vacuum connections. Separate high-capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate-and fin-cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments.

Additional features include variable blower speed and dash/floor/defrost blend.

The Gen IV Magnum™ kit includes the evaporator unit and mounting brackets a wiring harness an electric servo heater control valve duct hoses a drain kit and detailed installation instructions.

  • Fully electronic operation means no cables or vacuum controls
  • Microprocessor-controlled coil temperature monitor means no capillary tube to install
  • Separate high-capacity heat and cooling coils
  • Aluminum plate-and-fin A/C coil, the most efficient evaporator design available
  • Copper/brass CuproBraze™ parallel-flow heater coil
  • In full A/C mode, air bypasses heater core, resulting in less restriction and increased airflow
  • Fully electronic servo stepper motors allow for infinite air adjustment
  • Infinite dash/floor air blend
  • Infinite defrost/floor air blend.
  • Large 2-1/2-inch dash outlets for maximum air flow
  • Rear-exit left and right floor heat vents.
  • Dedicated 2-inch defrost air outlets
  • Includes Spal high-performance, variable-speed blower motor
  • Positive-shut-off solenoid-operated heater control valve in Max A/C mode
  • Multiple control panel options available


WARNING: California proposition 65

1. Controls are ordered separately. Be sure to check out our assortment of Gen IV control panel options.
2. Under-hood components such as the compressor, compressor mounting bracket, condenser, hose kit, drier, and optional upgrades are ordered separately.
3. To ensure proper fitment, a mock-up unit (671450) is available. Contact your sales representative for details.

SKU: 671400-VUZ

Price: $820.00

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